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What is Proactol (XS) ?

    The worlds 1st clinically proven natural fat-binder. Proven to bind over 27% of dietary fats, this product is so effective it is classified as a medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC). It is backed up by clinical trials and is the only natural diet pill approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) - one of the strictest medical regulatory agencies in the world, and it bears their CE stamp of approval!
    Less than two years ago when Proactol first came to market we were able to try it and became believers in how well it worked, no other product has surfaced since then to take it off our #1 spot, we though Alli was going to do it but the side effect were too much. So here we are in 2009 still proudly recommnding Proactol for you if you wish to lose weight.
    "Proactol is a new and exciting diet pill, and we see it playing a major role in the battle against the bulge. Proven through 4 clinical trials to reduce fat intake from food by up to 28%, if you want results, and you want them quickly and safely, Proactol is our #1 recommendation by far.

Some facts about Proactol :

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How does it work?

    Proactol works by binding with the fats in the food you consume, after your meal, you take 1-3 tabs depending on how fatty you feel your meal was. The active ingredient Neoptunia binds with the fat and stops it being absorbed by your intestines, resulting in less fat intake. Proactol pills come in handy tabs so they are easy to carry around with you, each box contains 120 pills. Side effects? Proactol has no know side effects.


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